Pilates & Aftercare

TreatmentsAs part of your treatment plan or as you come to the end of your treatment, it is highly likely that I will provide you with exercise advice or a routine that you can follow. This will help maintain your health and avoid return visits. Many patients have a final appointment to run through the Rehabilitation exercises, although this is very much at your discretion. Please do ask about Rehab support.

For many people Pilates is an excellent way of improving overall strength and flexibility. It can very often help reduce back pain and significantly improve postural problems. My wife Carolyn is a specialist Pilates instructor and runs a range of classes in the local area. For many of our clients/patients we work together to get the very best overall result for their health. If you are interested in Pilates and how it might help you, please follow the link for information and contact Carolyn directly.


Open Quote Close QuoteI like to train regularly and James has always been able to resolve the injuries I sometimes pick up. His treatment is always very thorough.

Carol. Age 45. Shoulder & Neck pain.